22.11.2021 19:30
Back to the future

Do I have the right motorbike for me? This question should not be asked next spring, but right now. The first step involves an honest self-analysis.

The 2021 motorbike season is over: Swiss motorcyclists have now put their beloved motorbikes in storage for the winter. With freezing temperatures and roads covered in leaves, only a few diehards still dare to take to Helvetia’s roads on their motorbikes. It is time, though, to start thinking about the 2022 season.

The honest analysis
The first step involves an honest analysis of the previous motorbike season. Was I happy with my motorbike? Did I feel in sync with it? Or was I disappointed? Was the motorbike too big, too heavy, too high, too bulky for me? Or too small and uncomfortable? Did I manage to fully tap into its power, or was I overwhelmed? Did I have back pain due to an uncomfortable sitting position? Do I still like the design and workmanship of my motorbike? Would I have preferred more versatility for everyday life and leisure? Was the undersized tank a nuisance? Or was the loud exhaust annoying? Was my partner rarely willing to ride with me because the back seat was uncomfortable? Were the maintenance costs really within my budget? etc.

Motorbike, clothing and accessoriesIt doesn’t stop with the bike, you can ask the same things about the gear and accessories. Isn’t it about time for a new helmet, for example? And haven’t the boots been letting in water for two years now? Or how about a motorbike suit with colours instead of the black on black for better visibility?

The retailers now have time
Once you find your answers, don’t wait until spring. Especially now, when hardly anyone is still riding a motorbike, the motorbike specialists have time for face-to-face consultations and frequently advertise attractive promotions and special offers. Thanks to early deals, you can avoid the hectic rush that comes down on the motorbike shops like a thunderstorm in spring.

The season kick-off: motofestival from 3 to 6 March 2022 in Bern
The motofestival, the new national leading motorbike event taking place from 3 to 6 March 2022 in the BERNEXPO halls in Bern, will mark the actual opening of the new motorbike season 2022. The motofestival will not only feature a full presentation of Switzerland’s current range of motorbikes, scooters and accessories, but will also serve as the meeting place for like-minded people to enjoy the attractive supporting programme consisting of special exhibitions, action shows, test rides, street food stands and first-class concerts.