02.12.2022 15:22
Freestyle Streetbike Motor Show at the motofestival in Bern

Freestyle Streetbike Show - a must see! All adrenaline junkies can look forward to the Freestyle Streetbike Show with Domingos Arrepiado, Florian Bugs and Michael Egli. Do not miss the show!

When Portugal’s Domingos Arrepiado starts up one of his bikes, it’s time for some guaranteed action. The laws of gravity are suspended no matter which of the four bikes he’s riding: his street bike, quad, supermoto or 1000 cc–powered smart.


Image: Streetbike Show with Domingos Arrepiado


Also in attendance will be Switzerland’s Michi Egli, a rider who will delight spectators with a special show with plenty of surprises in store. When French rider Florian Bugs hits the pavement, he puts on a mesmerising show of his years of experience.


The 15 × 50 metre course delivers a spectacle of stoppies, donuts, wheelies, burnouts and flips – a breathtaking show that will be celebrating its Swiss debut. The motofestival and SAM are excited to be hosting this amazing show for you