02.12.2022 15:26
Trial show in the halls of the motofestival

Some barrels, a trough, a massive block of stone, a wall – no kind of obstacle can stand in the way of these trial riders. Whether riding a motorbike or bike, the challenge is always to jump ...

The trial is not about speed but rather about skill and finesse. Balance is the name of the game – touch the ground with your feet and you’re out! No obstacle can stand in the way of the trial riders. They might even tear straight up a nearly vertical wall – it’s incredible to watch how the trialists manage to jump the obstacles on their bikes or motorbikes.


Image: Trial Show


At the motofestival in Bern, experienced trial riders will be pushing the limits of what’s possible both on bikes and by motorbikes. They manoeuvre around obstacles in tight spaces with a level of skill that makes it look easy. Get ready to be surprised!