06.01.2023 09:40

Curtain up for Marc Amacher on the big live stage: as Gotthard's opening act, he will step into the limelight at the motofestival!

He played three times as the opening act for living guitar legend Eric Clapton - in three of the most renowned concert venues in the German-speaking world, and now he is stepping into the limelight as Gotthard's opening act at the motofestival!
After entering the Swiss album charts with his current album "Roadhouse", the full-blooded bluesman from the Bernese Oberland is now stepping it up a notch. He doesn't make music, he is music - with body and soul. The real blues, the original boogie-woogie and the authentic rock n' roll go straight under the skin with Amacher's smoky voice. Marc Amacher, that is music out of passion and a thrilling show - fascinating and always surprising. The pleasure is not completely harmless: it is addictive.