27.01.2023 15:03
SAM performance at the motofestival

Freestyle Streetbike Motor Show? Trial Show? A racing simulator? You can find it all at the SAM stand at the motofestival. Philipp Kempf tells us more in a short interview.

Interview with Philipp Kempf, SAM

Philipp Kempf, all the organisational work for a successful SAM appearance at the motofestival is being done by you - it will soon be starting, are you looking forward to it?

Philipp Kempf: "That's what you'd have to ask the hopefully many visitors we're expecting at the SAM stand. They can look forward to many attractions and lots of action.

For example?

Philipp Kempf: For example the freestyle streetbike motor show with Domingos Arrepiado, one of the world's best riders. What the Portuguese rider shows is breathtaking. When he starts one of his vehicles, action is guaranteed. The artist defies gravity with four different vehicles: a street bike, a quad bike, a supermoto and a 1000cc Smart car.

Wow - that sounds like an extreme thrill...

Philipp Kempf: It is, but this is far from everything. Our Swiss driver Michi Egli will also thrill the spectators with a special show. The same goes for the experienced Florian Bugs from France. He too will conjure up a hot show on the asphalt with his bike - naked madness!

Trial will also be represented, what can you expect here?

Philipp Kempf: Let's put it this way: take a few barrels, a hollow, a big stone block, a wall - no matter what, nothing is safe from the trialists. Whether with a motorbike or a bike, you have to jump and leap. It can even be an almost vertical climb up a steep wall - no obstacle is safe from the trial riders. It is always fascinating to see how acrobatically they control their bikes and motorbikes.

At the SAM, the public can not only watch in amazement, but also actively participate, or rather race...

Philipp Kempf: Exactly, visitors can put their driving skills to the test on a racing simulator that we provide at the stand together with our partner Allianz. Nice prizes await the best drivers of the day.

And then there is also the sector exhibition, what is that all about?

Philipp Kempf: This is an interesting and informative platform where all our divisions, from motocross, supermoto and trial to the moped categories, can present themselves. Here, too, it is definitely worth a visit. Yes, there really is a lot going on here. My message to everyone: come along and let us surprise you!