11.01.2023 15:55
Special show FAM (friends of old motorbikes)

At the start of the new motorbike season 2023 at the motofestival from 23-26 February 2023, the FAM "Friends of Old Motorcycles" will also be present with a special show.

The aim and purpose of the FAM is to bring motorbikes from various eras closer to the general public at this event. Experienced motorcyclists can reminisce and talk shop at the special show stand about bygone times when technology was still visible and simply constructed.
Star frames, and also very old exhibits with some engines on which the valve drive is still visible, can be admired at the FAM stand. The motorbikes on display, 12 in number, cover almost the entire history of the two-wheeler and also show younger visitors the development of the last decades. Motorbike history without ABS, catalytic converter, active chassis, etc.